Chest 46"-48"

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    Zombie Pirate Costume

    Zombie Pirate Costume, Grey, with Top, Trousers, Bandana & Eyepatch

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    Day of the Dead Senor Skeleton Costume

    Day of the Dead Senor Skeleton Costume, Black, with Jacket, Mock Shirt, Attached Tie, Hat & Full Overhead Two Part Foam Latex Mask

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    Vampire Costume

    Vampire Costume, Black, with Jacket, Hat and Cravat

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    Saw Jigsaw Costume

    Saw Jigsaw Costume, Black, with Mask, Jacket, Mock Waistcoat & Shirt

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    Pirate Costume

    Pirate Costume, Black, Headscarf, Top, Trousers, Belt & Bootcovers


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